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Lucknow City Transport Bus Services

The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India, Lucknow, has a very efficient public transportation system that is tailored to meet the demands of both locals and tourists. The bus routes within this system, which are overseen by multiple depots, are essential to ensuring smooth communication across the city and its surrounding areas. This article explores the complex system of bus routes that the Gomti Nagar and Dubagga depots service, emphasizing the importance of each route to commuters’ everyday life.

Sl. No.Route CodeRoute DetailsDepot
1101Dayal Institute-BBD-Patrkar Puram-Balu Adda-Charbagh BUs StationGomti Nagar
2202Kamta Bus Station-Ahimamau-Utrethiya-Transport Nagar-Scooter IndiaGomti Nagar
3402Behta-Integral University-PS Gudamba-Vikas Nagar-Nishatganj-GPO-Charbagh Bus Station-RajnikhandGomti Nagar
4105Rajajipuram-Charbagh- NIshatganj- Polytechnic- Awadh Bus Station (Kamta)- Chinhat- BBDDubagga
5106Parag Dairy- Purani Chungi- Awadh Hospital- Charbagh- Nishatganj- Polytechnic- LolaiDubagga
6301Scooter India- Charbagh- Kapoorthala- Nishatganj- Engineering CollegeDubagga
7502Charbagh- Sikandarbagh- Nishatganj- Polytechnic- Kamta Bus StationDubagga
8801/801-EBalaganj- Dubagga- Bhithauli- Polytechnic- New High Court-VirajkhandDubagga
9901Charbagh-Awadh Hospital-Parag Dairy-Ashiyana-Azad Engineering College-ChandrawalDubagga
101001Ghantaghar Chowk-Malihabad-Sandila-Beniganj-Neemsar MandirDubagga
111201-EDubagga- Awadh Hospital- Telibagh- PGI- Sabha Kheda- MohanlalganjDubagga
12PMI-01Dubagga- Chowk- Parivartan Chowk- IT- Tedhi Puliya- Tikaitganj- BaddupurDubagga
13PMI-02Dubagga- Awadh Hospital- Charbagh- Hazratganj- Ahimamau- Gosaiganj- GangaganjDubagga
14PMI-03AKTU- Engineering College- Charbagh- Cantt.- SGPGIDubagga
15PMI-03(A)AKTU- Engineering College- Charbagh- Cantt.- SGPGI- Shivgarh ResortDubagga
16PMI-05Ghantaghar Chowk- Balaganj- Dubagga- Kakori- Malihabad- Rahimabad- SandilaDubagga
17PMI-06 (G)Ghantaghar Chowk- Balaganj- Sitapur Bypass- Jehta- Gauraiya- Maal- GodvaDubagga
18PMI-07Rajajipuram- Charbagh- Nishatganj- Polytechnic- Awadh Bus Station (Kamta)- Chinhat Turn- DewaDubagga
19PMI-07(A)Rajajipuram- Charbagh- Mantri Awas- 1090- Lohia Hospital- Indira Gandhi Pratishthan- Awadh Bus Station (Kamta)- Chinhat Turn- DewaDubagga
20PMI-08Bani- Kati Baghiya- Scooter India- Awadh Hospital- Charbagh- Nishatganj- Engineering CollegeDubagga
21PMI-11Ghantaghar Chowk- Balaganj- Dubagga- Kasmandi Kala- Nabipanah- MaalDubagga
22PMI-12Scooter India- Transport Nagar- Shaheedpath- KamtaDubagga

Gomti Nagar Depot Routes

1. Dayal Institute to Charbagh Bus Station by Route 101

This route travels via important places like BBD, Patrkar Puram, and Balu Adda before arriving at Charbagh Bus Station, which serves as the hub. For commuters in the Gomti Nagar area, including students, workers, and general travelers, it is essential.

2. Route 202: Scooter India to Kamta Bus Station

This highway, which connects the industrial region of Scooter India with the eastern portion of Lucknow, goes through Transport Nagar, Utrethiya, and Ahimamau. For the people who live and work in these places, it is a lifeline.

3. Behta to Rajnikhand via Route 402

Starting at Behta, this long route travels via Integral University, Vikas Nagar, Nishatganj, GPO, and Charbagh Bus Station before coming to an end in Rajnikhand.

Dubagga Depot Routes

4. Rajajipuram to BBD via Route 105

An important route that links Rajajipuram and BBD passes by important locations such as Polytechnic, Charbagh, Nishatganj, Awadh Bus Station (Kamta), and Chinhat. Professionals and students can travel more easily thanks to it.

5. Parag Dairy to Lolai via Route 106

This route begins at Parag Dairy and finishes at Lolai after going through Purani Chungi, Awadh Hospital, Charbagh, Nishatganj, and Polytechnic. Students and visitors from hospitals are among the varied clientele it serves.

6. Scooter India to Engineering College via Route 301

Charbagh, Kapoorthala, and Nishatganj are all on this route that links the educational center of Engineering College with the industrial district of Scooter India. Both industrial workers and students need it.

7. Charbagh to Kamta Bus Station via Route 502

This route goes through Polytechnic, Sikandarbagh, and Nishatganj on its way from Charbagh to Kamta Bus Station. Both students and daily commuters use this important route.

8. Path 801/801-E: Virajkhand to Balaganj

Starting in Balaganj, this long path goes past Dubagga, Bhithauli, Polytechnic, New High Court, and on to Virajkhand. It encompasses a broad range of institutional and residential sectors.

9. Charbagh to Chandrawal via Route 901

This route connects Chandrawal with Charbagh and goes through Azad Engineering College, Ashiyana, Parag Dairy, and Awadh Hospital. Both students and visitors to the hospital must have it.

10. Route 1001: Neemsar Mandir to Ghantaghar Chowk

A lengthy path that passes through Beniganj, Sandila, and Malihabad on its way from Ghantaghar Chowk to Neemsar Mandir. It serves both rural periphery people and pilgrims.

11. Dubagga to Mohanlalganj via Route 1201-E

This road begins in Dubagga and ends in Mohanlalganj after passing by Telibagh, PGI, Sabha Kheda, and Awadh Hospital. Both people and healthcare professionals need it.

12. PMI-01: Baddupur to Dubagga

This route terminates at Baddupur, passing through Dubagga, Chowk, Parivartan Chowk, IT, Tedhi Puliya, and Tikaitganj. For daily commuters and students alike, it is an important route.

13. PMI-02: Gangaganj to Dubagga

This road begins at Dubagga and travels to Gangaganj via Awadh Hospital, Charbagh, Hazratganj, Ahimamau, and Gosaiganj. It provides services to semi-urban and metropolitan areas.

14. PMI-03: SGPGI to AKTU

This route, which connects AKTU with SGPGI, goes through Cantt, Charbagh, and Engineering College. For both students and medical professionals, it is essential.

15. PMI-03(A): Shivgarh Resort to AKTU

This route is an extension of PMI-03 and passes through Shivgarh Resort. It serves professionals and students as well as tourists and visitors.

16. PMI-05: Sandila to Ghantaghar Chowk

This road begins at Ghantaghar Chowk and travels to Sandila via Balaganj, Dubagga, Kakori, Malihabad, and Rahimabad. It makes a connection between rural and urban areas.

17. PMI-06 (G): Godva to Ghantaghar Chowk

This route begins at Godva and travels through Ghantaghar Chowk, Balaganj, Sitapur Bypass, Jehta, Gauraiya, and Maal. It caters to commuters in both urban and rural areas.

18. PMI-07: Dewa to Rajajipuram

This route begins in Rajajipuram and travels to Dewa via Charbagh, Nishatganj, Polytechnic, Awadh Bus Station (Kamta), and Chinhat Turn. For daily commuters, it is indispensable.

19. PMI-07(A): Dewa (Alternate) to Rajajipuram

An alternative route to PMI-07, it passes through Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, 1090, Mantri Awas, and Lohia Hospital. It gives commuters more options for connecting.

20. PMI-08: Engineering College to Bani

This road, which connects Bani with Engineering College, goes through Charbagh, Kati Baghiya, Awadh Hospital, and Nishatganj. It is essential for both employees and students.

21. PMI-11: Maal to Ghantaghar Chowk

This road begins at Ghantaghar Chowk and travels to Maal via Balaganj, Dubagga, Kasmandi Kala, and Nabipanah. It caters to semi-urban and rural locations.

22. PMI-12: India Scooter to Kamta

Through Transport Nagar and Shaheedpath, this route links Kamta with Scooter India. For commuters and industrial workers, it is essential.

Under the planning, 300 buses were proposed in which 260 buses are received. Category-wise and seating capacity-wise details of above 260 buses are as under:-

S.No.Bus CategoryNo. of BusesSeating Capacity
1A/c Low Floor1535
2Non A/c Low Floor3035
3Tata Big9040
4Mazda Small12528