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Most In-Demand Technical Skills For IT Candidates in 2024


Whether you’re brand new to the IT workforce or have been in the professional game for decades, you can always benefit from sharpening your skills. IT is one of the fastest-moving sectors there is in terms of new career opportunities and industry evolution, so keeping pace with the latest trends is essential if you want to position yourself as a top candidate.

Picking up new skills keeps your mind agile. When we learn something new, the cells in our brain communicate differently; developing new neural pathways and literally rewiring our brain. This is called neuroplasticity, a process that can be likened to a muscle that becomes stronger the more we use it. In addition to enhancing our memory and cognitive abilities, improving our neuroplasticity has positive implications for a range of medical scenarios, from depression and anxiety to stroke recovery, which can benefit us on a personal level.

Learning new IT skills will help you stay competitive, both within your organization and in the job market on the whole. Practicing continued learning demonstrates your adaptability, which, according to a LinkedIn survey, was one of the most in-demand soft skills among employers going into 2023. It’s well documented that organizations that are able to adapt and change quickly are more likely to survive than their less adaptable counterparts.

The Top IT Skills For Candidates in 2024

1.Cloud Computing

The role and scope of cloud computing has changed drastically over the last five years, with everything from personal data and photos to entire business systems moving away from hard drives and into the cloud. In the wake of this shift, companies in all sectors face an urgent demand for IT professionals who are well-versed in cloud technology.

The market for cloud computing and related technologies has exploded, growing at nearly seven times the rate of the overall IT market.

For candidates, this opens up a range of new roles that aren’t limited by industry; every field from healthcare to retail will see a need in this area. Hiring managers will be seeking candidates who can help the organization harness cloud computing to improve customer satisfaction, boost productivity, lower costs and increase agility.

Some common cloud computing requirements employers are looking for include experience with AWS networking, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes and API gateways.

2.Artificial Intelligence

The arrival of the so-called “age of AI” has fueled not-unwarranted worries about millions of jobs being lost to technology. Tech professionals can take heart, however, because the artificial intelligence influx will make top IT skills in this area a hot commodity for many years to come.

Tech giants are investing in AI in a massive way; just this year Facebook contributed $7.5 million to help launch an AI ethics institute, while Google paid a whopping $400 million to acquire artificial intelligence startup DeepMind all the way back in 2014.

3. UX Design

As the connected world grows, so does the importance of the User Experience. It doesn’t matter how many cool features a device or application has; if it doesn’t work for humans, the customer will be lost.

Consider UX in the context of mobile browsing. 53% of users say they’ll leave a mobile site that fails to load properly in three seconds, and when they leave, the majority won’t return. That’s an enormous amount of money left on the table due to poor UX, presenting a huge upside for those with top technical skills in this area. According to Forrester Research, improving UX design has the potential to raise customer conversion rates by up to 400%.

And UX work isn’t limited to websites and apps. As the prevalence of IoT expands, the need for quality UX extends to everything from architecture to service-based businesses like restaurants. And let’s not forget about the rapid evolution of voice interface services like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, where UX is instrumental.

UX design is a particularly lucrative field for IT candidates looking to make a shift in their career trajectory, bringing together elements of design, psychology, art, and technology.

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