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Scope and Trends in Flutter App Programming in 2023

Before building a cross-platform mobile application, the first question that comes to mind is which mobile app development framework will be the best?
Which development kit is faster than the other?
Your answer is simple: GOOGLE FLUTTER!

Flutter is now growing at a rapid and steady pace. Most developers have shifted from single-platform to cross-platform app development frameworks.

It allowed Flutter to be a strong competitor for other SDKs/frameworks globally and has sparked a new life and vision for cross-platform mobile app development technology. Because of this shift, Flutter now has a strong presence in the international market. The other great thing about Flutter is that it is an open-source SDK.

It seems either everyone is talking about apps using these particular technologies or comparing Flutter with React Native (one of the strongest competitors of Flutter). It is easy to guess since they both are a bit exotic for most software developers.

Why is there a Future with Flutter? Because

  • Flutter uses the same code across platforms. Be it iOS, Android, or any other Linux kernel OS.
  • Flutter’s documentation is clear, simple, and easy to understand.
  • Flutter offers out of the box and impressive widgets.
  • Being an open-source SDK backed by Google, it has a huge community worldwide. It helps make the development process and problem-solving very fast.
  • Flutter is equipped with a hot reload feature, making it easy for designers and developers to see the changes instantly and make necessary improvements.
  • Flutter’s compatibility is excellent with different operating systems.

A cross-platform toolkit like Flutter provides developers with a great solution. Can you imagine the workload for different platforms without such a toolkit? Flutter develops cross-platform applications at once without requiring separate coding for iOS and Android. According to Statista, 42% of developers globally use Flutter. It has now crossed the mark of the most popular cross-platform mobile framework.

More businesses are integrating Flutter into their current apps or creating new experiences with Flutter. You need to hire Flutter developers to produce user-friendly, scalable, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive mobile apps.  Giants like ‍Toyota, Google Ads, and Alibaba use Flutter uniquely to keep up their business.

As per the statistics presented above, it is evident that the Flutter app is capturing the market at a higher pace, becoming the 1st one with the highest market share.

There is a tonne of mobile applications on the market. The winner of the race will have the best user interface and performance. Similarly to this, there are many technologies available on the market for building mobile apps, but some of them are in high demand.

How Does Flutter Benefit Your Business?

Fast and cost-friendly development : Making a cross-platform app with Flutter takes half as many hours as creating two separate native apps. While other frameworks make similar claims, Flutter gives you a very sophisticated MVP with an almost native-like look and performance.

Effortless Custom Design :  Flutter provides a fantastic option for creating apps with distinctive and memorable designs. Flutter requires less time for UI refining compared to other cross-platform solutions.

Exceptional App Performance :  The natively built code used by Flutter mobile apps eliminates the need for a JavaScript bridge. It converts Dart code to the platform’s native code. This guarantees that despite having a motion-rich and customized UI, Flutter Android and iOS apps launch quickly and experience fewer performance concerns.

Innovative and Promising Technology : The Flutter SDK updates every three months to reflect new feature releases, stability, and performance enhancements. Google actively supports the Flutter project by curating and using it. You can rely on it to last a long time and be confident that it can keep up with the most modern Android and iOS platforms.

How is Flutter Better than Other Development Frameworks?

Flutter Vs. Other Development Frameworks Compersion Chart

Programming LanguagesDartJavascript + Swift, Objective C or JavaC# with .NETHTML5, CSS, JAVA Script, TypescriptJAVA, Koltin, and C++Typescript
FeaturesHot reload Cross-platform development Widget library Native performance Opne-sourceWrite once and use everywherer UI focussed and good community Support for Third-party libraries NPM for Installation Live reloadNative multiplatform support Close development deadline Choice of priorities Easy maintaenance -Code reusability Write once use everywhereCross Platform Beautiful design Simplicity Cordova plugin Licence Framework compatibilityLayout editor Teamplates Support KOTLIN Enabling Integration with firebase EmulatorCross platform development Maximum speed Scalability Simple and Interactive
PricingOpen- SourceOpen- SourceOpen-Source & paid as wellOpen-Source & paid as wellOpen-Source IDEOpen-Source IDE
Flutter Vs. Other Development Frameworks Compersion Chart

What Does Flutter Bring To The Fore?

Flutter’s primary advantages include the following:

Cross-platform development: Allows for the development of software applications that are interoperable with a variety of mobile operating systems.

Rendering machine: Enables optimal performance using a set of code on multiple terminals.

Ready-to-use widgets: Easy building of applications using a customizable kit of widgets.

Despite the obvious advantages, a sizeable segment still favors React and Xamarin for application development. It’s mostly because of the latter’s natural capabilities, but let’s look at why the tech community can gain greatly from using Flutter as a tech stack.

Advantages Of Flutter

  • For developers, writing new code with every new platform will no longer be necessary. Functionalities like one code base and ready-to-use widgets will enable efficient cross-platform programming.
  • For startup owners, there’ll be no need to hire separate developers for making apps for iOS, Android and websites.
  • Flutter’s other great advantage is cost control. Employing Flutter will help save money on mobile app development for different platforms.

The possibilities are practically endless with Flutter. Developing apps using Flutter can benefit your business, as demonstrated not only by us but also by some of the market’s largest players. In our view, Flutter is a particularly feasible choice in the following circumstances. 

  • When you need an Android and iOS app with the best UI that offers seamless UX and reliable, faster results. 
  • When you are looking to create a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) for startups. 
  • If you are planning for a quick market launch of your mobile app. 

If you are planning to develop mobile apps and yet to give Flutter a try, I highly recommend you do as I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it as well.

From the start, It gives you complete control over any pixel on the device, including a complete collection of widgets that offer pixel-perfect interactions on both iOS and Android.

Flutter Developer Salary in the US

Flutter has witnessed a boom in popularity over the years, and most developers with some experience in working with a similar framework, such as Dart, start their career with an entry-level job. The average salary for a beginner-level Flutter developer in the United States is estimated to be $70,000 per annum.

Mid-level professionals with some experience in Flutter development for Android and iOS, along with testing and automation are likely to earn almost double what beginners or entry-level professionals may earn. The average annual salary for mid-level Flutter developers is approximately $120,000 in the United States.

At advanced levels, Flutter developers are equipped with skills to not only use the framework with great efficiency and minimal errors but also take up additional responsibilities such as heading projects and teams, assuming leadership roles, and collaborating and giving directions to various other teams. Therefore, with several years of experience as a Flutter developer, you can expect a better salary and promotion in terms of your position and job role. The average annual salary of advanced-level Flutter developers in the United States is around $150,000

Flutter Developer Salary in India

Flutter, despite being relatively new in India, is still making it big in the IT industry for the various advantages it can offer. As a beginner, a Flutter developer with no experience may earn a base salary of INR 1.3 lakhs. However, the average salary for beginner-level Flutter developers is INR 4 lakhs.

There is a broad range of salaries for beginner-level developers, which can be attributed to various reasons. To begin with, the salary of Flutter developers greatly varies based on their past experience and the skills they possess. Moreover, it also depends on the organization and its roles and responsibilities. Yet another factor that may decide how much you earn is your location. IT companies in cities, such as Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, and Mumbai are more likely to offer higher remuneration compared to smaller cities.

To summarize, developing apps with Flutter can hugely benefit your business, as described and demonstrated by us and many of the largest players in the global market. Flutter is fast, productive, and flexible. It is what is needed in today’s world. Choosing Flutter, in our view, will not go in vain and is particularly a viable choice. Flutter exposes you to a diverse and wide range of solutions if you are low on budget but need quality products.


We have included all the reasons that make Flutter a hit for app development. We have also explained that Flutter is going for several improvements in the upcoming days. Hence, if you are wondering about creating a Minimum Viable Product for your or any other startup and MSMEs that require to launch a mobile app for Android, iOS, and desktop or web users quickly, Flutter is the best framework that can give you apps with top-notch UI and seamless UX along with great reliability and faster results.

At , we have done the same with Flutter to help you succeed in app development and provide excellent outcomes. If you are not yet going with Flutter, what’s stopping you? Let us know if you got any queries on Flutter app development. Also, we would like you to share your experiences with Flutter in the comments section.