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Top Must-Try Street Food in Lucknow to taste the best of Lucknowi Cuisine


Lucknow, a city that boasts a rich history, culture, food, and streets that are famous for its Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine. Mouthwatering Tundey Kebabs, Biryani, irresistible Chicken Masala are something that comes to our mind when we think of Lucknow.

The streets of Lucknow are a foodie’s paradise, every 100 meters there is a different stall, a different aroma, and a secret recipe that will blow your mind. People from all over the world travel to Lucknow to taste local delicacies which have been perfected over generations and it has always been a popular choice amongst tourists, especially for its food. From juicy Kebabs to drool-worthy Biryani to creamy Malai Makhan, there are endless options for you to try here.

Here’s your guide to some of the best street food in Lucknow to taste the best Nawabi culinary feasts.

1.Tunday Kababi

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Lucknow is not Lucknow without its kebab. Kebab is the delicacy of Lucknow that you can find almost everywhere in Lucknow in different taste and flavors. With amazing taste, crispy outer layer and soft filling, these spicy kebabs are meant to rule the streets of Lucknow. Other than the good variety of non-veg kebabs, you can also find a number of veg varieties. Popular kebabs to try are Galawati kebabs, Tunday kebab, and Veg Shami kebab.

2. Biryani

Other than the kebab, biryani is the second most popular street food that you can try on Lucknow’s streets. The amazing flavor of this cooked rice with vegetables and meat will melt your heart right with the first bite. You can get many varieties of biryani as well on the streets of Lucknow which again varies from being too spicy to less spicy. The veg Handi Dum biryani is one of the recommendations that you must try.

3.Rahim’s Kulcha Nahari

Imagine tender pieces of meat marinated in an exotic spice rub and cooked overnight, stuffed into freshly baked tandoori kulche. After tunday kebabs, nahari kulcha is the second most famous food jewel of Lucknow food and cuisine. All you need to do is imagine heaven on a plate.

4.Basket Chaat

You just need a Lucknow special basket chaat to spice up your day with the best flavors and tastes. It is one of those dishes that you will find many people trying in the evening over a chai. The basket in this basket chaat is made as a crispy tokri that contains the other flavors of the chaat like mashed aloo, different varieties of chutneys, etc. Make sure you don’t miss this dish when in Lucknow.

5.Shahi Tukda

As the name suggests, this dish is one of the specialties of the land of nawabs. The dish is made with rich and heavy ingredients and thus is preferred to be tasted after the meals. It is sweet in taste and thus also completes the meal by being one delicious sweet dish. You can easily find this dish everywhere in Lucknow as it is one of the most popular dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Street Food in Lucknow

1.What is the famous food of Lucknow?

Lucknow is full of amazing options when it comes to food. Tundey Kebab, Irdis ki Biryani, Chicken Masala, Malai Makhan, Khasta Kachori are some of the famous food of Lucknow.

2.What is the famous street food of Uttar Pradesh?

Offering a wide variety of street food options to snack on, Lucknow is very famous for its Kebabs, Paya, Sheermal and Biryani.

3.What is the famous sweet of Lucknow?